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H.265+ Network Video Recorder (NVR) with Dual Wi-Fi Inside

This xmartO WNQ28-DW is a standalone network video recorder (NVR) with customized Linux OS embedded. You can add up to 8 xmartO WiFi cameras to build your WiFi camera system for houses, stores, offices and warehouses. The cameras connect to the NVR's own WiFi so the system works standalone regardless whether you have Internet service or not. Connecting the NVR to your WiFi will enable you to access the cameras remotely on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC and Mac, no matter where you are and when.

  • Supports up to 8 xmartO WiFi cameras, you can easily monitor 8 areas simultaneously.
  • xmartO provides a wide range of add-on cameras including standard bullet cameras, PTZ bullet cameras, PTZ dome cameras, cameras with PIR motion detection, cameras with built-in audio etc.
  • The H.265+ compression technology increases the efficiency tremendously. The video stream size is only half the size of H.264, easier to transmit and consumes only half the HDD storage.
  • This NVR is compatible forward with older version xmartO WiFi cameras even they are 3-5 years old.
  • This 2020 model WNQ28-DW NVR has DUAL-WiFi so it connects to Internet through WiFi instead of hard wiring. This brings fexibility of NVR location, which helps to reach all cameras well and avoid WiFi interference to your home router. That also means you can easily hide the NVR in an attic or somewhere.
  • Powered with G3 AUTO xmartO Dream Liner WiFi Relay¹ technology, it automatically set a closer camera as WiFi repeater for a further camera to boost the WiFi range.
  • This NVR does not come with a hard disk. Please inquire xmartO customer support if you need a hard disk; or you can use any 3.5" SATA HDD with it.

1. The Deam Liner WiFi Relay Technology is in all xmartO NVRs; the G3 AUTO version works only when NVR version is 3.0.7+, and cameras' version is 3.2+.

A Step Forward of xmartO Dream Liner Technolgy

In 2015 xmartO released its first 1000ft long range WiFi camera system, a tremendous break-through on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi devices' coverage.

Yet cameras' Wi-Fi performance is still noticably affected by obstacles, mainly walls especially metal walls.

To improve Wi-Fi coverage range of xmartO WiFi cameras, in Q3 of 2017 xmartO announced its Dream Liner WiFi Relay Technology, which allows users to set closer cameras as WiFi repeaters for further cameras. That helps a lot of customers with the camera installations.

It is very helpful but it needs some tech-knowledge to plan camera's relay routes and do the settings.

In Q2 of 2020, xmartO reveals the G3¹ (generation 3) WiFi camera systems with Auto WiFi Relay Technology. Cameras search nearby cameras automatically and relay back to its NVR (network video recoder, the base unit). No more manual settings required.

G3¹: xmartO WiFi camera system with NVR version 3.0.7+, camera version 3.2+.

Dual WiFi Inside

No need to hard wire the NVR to router to get Internet connection, it connects to WiFi.
* The NVR can be placed at a flexible spot to receive all cameras better.
* Placing the NVR far from your router helps to avoid WiFi interference.

Tips: connect the NVR to WiFi in System setting - Network setting - Wireless Internet.

Motion Detection Message

* When motion detected, the camera sends you a message with snapshot. Tap to view a video clip to get more details. <
* Each camera lets you turn ON/ OFF the motion detection message.
* Each camera's detection area is customizable. This helps to avoid repeated messages caused by trees.
* In App, you have a daily message list to check daily events.

Save to hard disk or Cloud

*The NVR supports a hard disk with maximum 6TB capacity; keeps records of 4 cameras of up to past 180 days.
* While replaying videos, the system highlights motion-triggered events to save your time.
* While viewing or replaying videos, you can take a snaphot or a video clip with one tap in the Apps, of which you can share easily from the phone, or backup to PC.
* Cloud storage is under test and will be optional soon.

IR Remote Control

* The NVR comes with an USB mouse; you can replace it with a bluetooth wireless mouse.
* This NVR comes with an IR remote control so you can sit back and operate easily.

Supports Versatile Add-on Cameras

A Lot of Possibilities for DIY

This WNQ28-DW NVR is compatible forward even with the 2015 WB1324 cameras. If you want more cameras, we have a lot options. Here is a compatible list:

  • Bullet cameras: WB1324, WB1324N, WB1326, WB2024, WB2026, WB2054, WB2056
  • Dome camera: WD1324
  • PIR sensing camera with 2-way audio: WW2024
  • PTZ bullet cameras: , WT2054 (version 3.0+), WP1324, WP1326, WP2024, WP2026, WP2054, WP2056
  • PTZ dome cameras: DPM2024, DZ2034 (version 3.0+)
  • Battery-powered camera: BC3 (coming soon)
If you have any question about compatibility, please contact support team via support email on product manual.

WNQ28 8 Channel 1080p Full HD Security Network Video Recorder NVR System with Built-in WiFi Router

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