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Pan, Tilt, Zoom Control

The xmartO DZ20313 is a professional WiFi PTZ camera with floodlight. Perfect for home & business surveillance.

Horizontally pans 355°, vertically tilts 90°, plus the camera's own 80° view angle, the camera covers every corner it mounted.
Pan & tilt speed is adjustable from 1 - 8 grades.
With a 2.7-13.5mm vari-focal lens, the camera has 5x optical zoom.
4x digital zoom makes a total 20x zoom to let you zoom in for details.
With presets, you can set a few key areas and tap to view there in just
With Auto Patrol, you can set the camera to automatically patrol up to 8 preset points.
The videos can be saved to a Micro SD card, or in Cloud storage in future.


Smart Flood Light and Siren Alarm

Comparing to a common security camera, this camera is fully equipped as a security guard. With 2 strong LED floodlights and 4 IR LEDs in, the camera is versatile.

During daytime all the lights stay off.
AUTO mode: when no one is there, IR LEDs turn on and camera see B/W night vision; when someone is there, floodlights turn on and camera sees color night vision.
They light up the place for you like any floodlight, and they deter intruders away.
If lights are not enough, you can turn on the siren to deter any unpleasant visitor away.
IR mode: at night only IR LEDs work and camera see B/W night vision.
Flood Light mode: floodlights stay on every night.

Motion Detection Alerts with Snapshots & Siren

When motion detected, the camera captures a snapshot and send it to your phone. Tap to view the video if you find a photo is not enough.You will have a daily message list to check daily events.Leave the siren on when you are away, when someone detected, the camera lets out siren or your voice message to deter intruders away. Tips: the siren can be customized to any voice you like, or your voice message.

Enhanced 2-way Audio

With a high-gain microphone and powerful speaker built-in, the camera helps you to view & record videos with clear voice, and talk clearly with anyone in the area.

20x Zoom for Amazing Details

Equipped with a professional 5x vari-focal lens and 4x digital zoom, the camera lets you zoom in 20 times to see very good details.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Control over Phone, Presets and Auto Patrol

With professional motors inside, the camera lets you pan 355° and tilt 90° to view any direction, and the 20x zoom helps to see more details.In the App you can preset up to 8 spots, to which you can access with one simple tap.Trigger preset 13, the camera will patrol the preset points back and forth automatically.

Weatherproof, Easy to Use and Save Videos

IP66 Indoor & Outdoor

With IP66 weather-resistance, the camera works anywhere indoor & outdoor.

Easy to Use

Setup the camera is a breeze. You only need to follow a few simple steps to connect the camera to your WiFi. Then you can mount it and view the footage from anywhere anytime.

Records to SD card or Cloud

At the bottom, you can easily open the camera to insert an SD card for recording. You don't have to do that often, because videos can be played and shared easily from the mobile App.
Cloud storage will be available soon.

Wireless PTZ Security Camera for Home and Business, PTZ Control, Auto Floodlight, Color Night Vision

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