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xmartO Prime Series WiFi Home Security Camera System


The xmartO Prime WiFi home security camera system is the best xmartO security system ever.

With PIR human detection, auto flood lights, auto siren, auto IR LEDs, 2-way audio, 2K HD video, easy local & remote viewing all integrated, this wireless security camera system meets almost all your expectations on security cameras.

The exquisitely finished metal cameras, the NVR and the accessories, means the xmartO prime series are made for customers who look for higher-level home security systems with best cost-performance ratio.

The Reliable Motion Detection Messages You Can Count on

Like all traditional CCTV systems, this WiFi security camera system forms its own closed circuit television to let you view your cameras on screen. It works standalone without any support of your router or Internet service.
All cameras connect to the NVR with its own built-in router; without using any of your current home WiFi band-width at all.
By connecting the NVR to your WiFi, you can view your cameras remotely from anywhere anytime.

More Features

Easy Remote Access

Viewing the cameras on the go has never been easier. With free xmartO WallPixel Apps, it takes only a few minutes to add your security system to the App for remote viewing on iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices.

Instant App Messages with Photos

When a people or an animal is detected, the security system pushes instant messages to your phone. The messages come with snapshots and you can tap to view a video clips for more information.

2-Way Audio

With Built-in microphone and speaker, you can hear and talk on your phone.

Auto Siren Alarm

Need some more protection? You can turn on the siren of a camera. When a people or animal is detected , the security camera lets off a siren alarm.

IR LEDs & Flood Lights

The light mode of each camera lets you select which lights to use.
IR mode: uses IR LEDs only. At night you see B&W night vision.
Color Night Vision: flood lights stay on at night, you see color night vision.
Smart mode: B&W IR night vision when nobody detected, flood lights automatically turn on when people detected. (recommended)

Work with Alexa

Besides mobile Apps, now you can also call out your cameras from supported Alexa devices.

G3 Auto WiFi Relay Technology

Powered with G3 xmartO Dream Liner WiFi Relay technology, the security camera system automatically sets a closer camera as WiFi repeater for a further camera to boost the WiFi range. This enables you to mount the camera further.

Bank-level Encryption

With 128-bit encryption and the system's unique device password encryption, the camera system is double secured.
We use AWS and US service providers for Cloud. Your privacy is well protected.
In the NVR and App menu, you can manage to share your cameras to families with secondary permissions.

IP66 Weather Resistance

IP66 rated, the security camera can be mounted anywhere indoor or outdoor.

DIY-easy Project

DIY Your Surveillance System with the 4 Extra Spaces

The included WNP58 NVR supports up to 8 cameras. You have 4 more spaces to add cameras you need.
Feel like an indoor little PTZ camera? A dome camera or a battery-powered camera? We have all of them and yes, they are all compatible with this NVR.

[Human/pet Detection] 8CH Home Security Camera System Wireless with Human/pet Detection, Smart Flood Lights 2-Way Audio and 1TB HDD

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