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2K HD Wireless Security Camera with PIR Detection, Floodlight and 2-Way Audio

Camera can work alone, in Group, or add-on to NVR system

This xmartO Premium 2K Wireless Security PIR Camera for home & business surveillance.

Reminder: This camera's resolution is 2K/ 3MP. If you are adding this to your NVR, please make sure your NVR is version 3.0 or above. Otherwise please go for model WB1324N or WP1324.

* With a 2K (2304*1296) HD resolution, it brings you clearer and brighter color videos.
* With enhanced built-in microphone and speaker, it lets you hear and talk back with your family, pets and delivery man from your phone.
* The camera have the built-in sensitive PIR sensor, it detects movement of human and animal instantly, release you from annoying false alerts caused by wind, light changes and cars. You will receive instant App push notificationson your smart device when motion is detected.
* Spotlight & Siren alarm on security camera: Once any moving objects are trigged, the camera automatically turn on the 4 LED flood light at night and the auto siren can deters intruders away if you have already turn on the motion-triggered siren.
* With the IP66-rated weatherproof function, this security camera can work well under any weather conditions in each season such as snow, rain, wind and so on.

Multi-mode Night Vision

When the IR LED works, the camera have the B/W night vision
When the floodlights keep turnning on, th camera have the color night vision

2-way Audio

With Built-in microphone and speaker, you can hear and talk back to your family, pet or the visitors on your mobile phone no matter where you are.

Instant Message with Auto Siren

When intruders break into your house, the camera will sound an automatic siren. You can customize the siren to a voice message and warn the potential intruders.
The siren can be turned on/off on your phone APP.

Multiple ways to use

You can use this camera alone, group multiple cameras to use or add this camera to an existed xmartO NVR or xmartO systems.

[Human Detection & Floodlight] 2K HD Wireless Security Camera Outdoor with PIR Human/ pet Detection

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