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How to set guard view point for XMARTO PTZ cameras DT3034/ DZ2034/ DPM2024.

The auto tracking feature of xmartO PTZ cameras is very important to track targets.

When the tracking ends, the camera returns to a default viewing angle to make sure the camera always see the key area.

While you may mount the camera on left, or on right, the default view point may not work for your need.

Follow below steps, you can set your default view point.


1. While viewing the camera in App, tap PTZ and use the joystick to move the camera to where you want. Then tap ''Preset'' to enter preset menu.

2. Tap ''Shortcut mode", type in number '58',  then tap "Setting". This will set that point as new default view point.

3. Then type in "56" and tap "Transfer". This will enable the new default view point.

4. Each time when the camera stops auto-tracking, it returns to the default view point.

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