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How to enable PTZ camera auto tracking from NVR?

1. Read user manual and follow the steps to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi. (skip if you’ve done this.)

2. Update your NVR version to or higher

Online upgrade: make sure your system is getting online condition.

Right click your NVR mouse>System setting>System Admin>System upgrade, choose Online upgrade, check upgrade when download finished, click Start.

2. Download the camera firmware in this link


3. Put the file to your USB flash disk's root directory, not in any folder.

4. Plug the USB flash disk to your NVR's USB port.

5. Go to System setting-CH Setting- IPC Maintenance, choose the firmware from USB Storage, and click start to update the firmware of your camera.

6. Go to System setting-CH Setting- Video Detection and enable the Motion Detection Tracking

Now, your PTZ camera DZ2034/DZ20313, DT3034/DT30320, WT2054/WT20512, DPM2024 can achieve the auto tracking function when they connect to the NVR system.

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