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How to change your NVR resolution if you do not get display on monitor/TV?

1. Connect your NVR to the router to make it online.

2. Download the CMS( EseeCloud )from xmartO website: http://www.xmarto.com/downloads/ and install it in your computer.

3. Run the EseeCloud on your computer, it will search the device in LAN and add device automatically. 

4. After your NVR device is added to EseeCloud, click Device Management in upper navigation. Then you will see the interface below. 


5. After you get the NVR IP address, please enter the NVR's IP address in your IE browser, for example,, click go. You'll then see below login interface.


6. Input your NVR login username and login password. If you didn't set that, just click Login.
Then you will get to the interface below:


7. Click settings icon on the left bottom, you will get to the settings below:


8. Click General, then go to VGA resolution to select the one that is compatible with your monitor/TV and click save. You will hear a beep from your NVR. Wait for a while for the resolution to be corrected.

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