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How to configure xmartO wireless cameras to work through wires if WiFi coverage is not enough? (only for cameras with ethernet ports)

If your cameras are out of the WiFi range of the NVR, you may need to hard wire your cameras to make them work. Then, please follow the instructions blew to configure your cameras to work wired:
1. Right click you NVR mouse, then click Device Manage to enter the interface below. Select the channel that you want to wire in the lower box, and Delete it. Then this channel will switch to "No Video Source"


2. Connect the camera to the LAN port at the back of your NVR with a network cable and plug the camera to power. If there is no available LAN port at the back of your NVR, please plug the camera to your router. The router here should be connected to your NVR.
3. Go to Device Manage interface, click "Refresh" at upper right corner, wait for a while, you shall see the cameras with IP address appears in the upper box.


4. Select an unoccupied channel in the lower box, and double click the camera in the upper box, then the camera will be added to the channel to work wired.




Note: If the status of the channel is “Different Net Segment”, that means the camera's IP address is not in the same net segment with your router's IP address. In this case, you need to change your camera's IP address to the same net segment of your router. Please refer to the instruction in below link to change your camera's IP address.
 https://www.xmarto.com/downloa ... .docx 

After you change the camera's IP address, please start from the step 1 to reconfigure the camera to work wired again.
For more help on how to confirgure wireless cameras to work wired, please contact us at support@xmarto.com.

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