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How to view cameras on the mobile app (xmartO WallPixel)

1. Downloading the Application
    Download the free xmartO WallPixel mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store and install the application on your phone or tablet.


Download the xmartO WallPixel app
2. Creating an Account
    Tap the app, click "Sign up", enter the required information to create an app account.
If you already have an account, login directly with your existing username and password.


Username: Any letters or numbers or their combinations (Min.: 3; Max.: 12)
Password: Set a password and write it down
Email Address: Enter a valid email address and click the link in the email that was sent to you to verify your email address. (You can use the email address to retrieve password after being verified.)


If you do not want to create an app account at this moment, you can click “Trial” at the bottom to proceed.
Creating an app account allows you to log in your app account to view cameras on any mobile devices.
3. Adding NVR Device to App
    Tap “+” at the top right corner, then tap the first option " Add Recorder" to add your NVR device to the app.


4. Entering Device Information
    Enter the required device information and click Save.
Cloud ID: This is your system's Device ID, which can be found at the right bottom of your monitor. It is 9 digits. (NVR Device ID can also be found at NVR's System setting - Network setting)
Username: Your NVR login username, default is admin. If you’ve set a new user for your NVR, use the new username here.
Password: Your NVR login password, default is empty, means no password, leave it blank. If you’ve set a new password for your NVR, make sure to type in the new password here.


* You can also scan to add your NVR device to the app.
a. Right click your NVR mouse, then click System setting - Network setting, click "Show QR Code". The Cloud ID QR Code will be displayed.
b. Open the app, click + at upper right corner, then choose Add Recorder. Tap Add by scanning the LAN, and scan the QR Code displayed in your NVR's network setting interface.
c. Enter your NVR's login username and password, save the settings. Your device is now added to app. You can start live view cameras now.


5. Viewing Cameras on Phone
Once you click "Save", the device will be added to your account and you’ll be directed to the device list page. As shown in below picture. Click the device to start live viewing your cameras.


6.View live video on mobile
View mode: You can choose to view 1/4/6/8 cameras at a time.
PTZ: Since cameras included in the kit are not PTZ, so please ignore this.
Playback: You can playback the recorded videos in HDD on your mobile.
Select any channel and click playback to review recorded videos of that channel.
Capture: Capture snapshots under live view mode, images will be saved in the app.
Record: Record short videos under live view mode, videos will be saved in the app.
Stream: Change live view resolution. You can select from HD or SD. 
HD means high definition resolution, while SD means standard resolution.


7.My account info.
Local Records: Click here to check your captured images and short videos.
Alarm push: Mobile push notifications.
Alarm setting: Turn on/off your mobile push notifications.
Setting: Some basic settings for your app, including playback mode, Video quality, Traffic statistics, network note and Excess flow remind.
Change Password: Change your app account password.
Version: Your current app version.
Logout: Log out your current account.

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