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How to set floodlight camera light control on NVR?

The WT2054 and DZ2034 floodlight PTZ cameras can be used standalone, or can be added to xmartO NVR. 

While working standalone with App, the light control is pretty straight forward.

While working as an add-on camera to NVR, there is no floodlight control option in the App. How to control the light? 

Here is how

Whie viewing the video on the NVR screen, click the image of the PTZ camera, you will see a pop-out menu on the bottom, go to 'Color Adjust' or 'Light & Color'. In the IRCUT MODE drop-down menu, you can set the light mode. 

Smart: same as 'Auto' on App. When nothing detected, the camera's floodlight stay off, the IR LEDs light up for IR night vision; when motion detected, the floodlight automatically turns on and image turns to color night vision. 

Infrared MODE: use only IR LEDs, camera delivers B&W IR night vision at night, like most surveillance cameras. 

Color night vision mode: at night floodlights stay on.

Tips: if your camera does not have floodlight, keep the infra red mode; other modes may blind the camera at night. 

If you have any question about this, please contact us via support@xmarto.com

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