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How to setup WT2054/ WT20512 PTZ WiFi Camera?


Install xmartO App and register an user account

Scan the QR code in manual, or search xmartO WallPixel in App stores to find xmartO WallPixel App. Install the App and create an user account. 

There a 2 ways to setup the WT series WiFi cameras. 


  1. Setup with an Ethernet cable. Connect the camera to your router with an Ethernet port, run App to find the camera and connect it to your WiFi. (easier way)
  2. Setup through WiFi without a cable. Bring camera to configure mode, connect your phone to the camera's WiFi, then follow on screen guide to pair the camera to your home WiFi step by step. 

    Do it in any of the 2 ways will bring you to the same result.

    The key is: 

    If you want to do it wirelessly without hard wiring to router, while asked whether the camera has an Ethernet port, you should choose NO. Even it actually has the Ethernet port.

    If you prefer an easier way and hard wire the camera to router for setup, then you should choose YES while asked whether it has an Ethernet port.
    Here is the user manual, please follow steps in chapter 3 to setup the camera. 


Tips: the illustrated camera in the manual maybe different from the one you purchased. Yet they do share the same features and same setup steps. 

Please reach us via support@xmarto.com if you have any question. 

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