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Get Better WiFi Connection between Camera and NVR (2021)

1.Adjust the WiFi channel and WiFi region

a.Choose a right WiFi channel for the NVR. In the System setting - Network setting - WiFi setting. Use the auto select channel button so the NVR automatically select a right WiFi channel. 

b.Change the wifi region from “other” for "MKK" should help you to avoid some WiFi interference. 

2. Positioning Your Wireless NVR and Cameras

Proper placement of the wireless NVR in your home will help ensure you achieve maximum coverage.
Placing the wireless NVR centrally in your home, will help make certain that no matter where you mount your cameras, they will be able to wirelessly connect.
Do not place near high voltage wires or other sources of electrical interference.  Electrical interference will degrade the quality of the signal. 






If there has to be obstacles between the NVR and camera, adjust the height of camera or NVR to avoid floor. Floors are normally heavier than walls.


Always find possible open between NVR and camera, mount camera and place NVR’s spot accordingly to allow signal to pass.


Metal walls (including metal garage gate) absorb wifi signal. Use extra extendable wifi antenna to bring camera's antenna inside the wall. This also works for heavy concrete wall.


Try to keep camera and NVR's antennas parallel to get better signal pick-up.
3. How Obstacles Affect Your Signal Strength
When your wireless signal is transmitted through various materials, such as walls and windows, the signal strength is affected. Though the NVR and wireless camera may be very close in proximity, you could still notice high signal interference if the signal passes through certain obstacles. For instance, if the signal passes through a concrete wall it will be severely weakened. Please reference the below chart to see which obstacles highly affect your signal and which do not. 


4. How to boost cameras' WiFi signals
a. Use antenna with extension cable
As you know, the biggest issue for the cameras is not distance, but obstacles, typically walls, especially metal walls. If your setup requires the signal to be transmitted through an obstacle that severely weakens it, you can use the 9 ft. Wi-Fi Extender Antenna included with your system. The Extender Antenna can be used to bypass the obstacle weakening the signal. Simply replace the white Camera Antenna with the Extender Antenna and then mount the Extender Antenna on the opposing side of the obstacle.


b. Use our new Dream Liner technology
The xmartO Dream Liner technology uses cameras in middle as repeaters. That way, further cameras connect to closer cameras 1st, and then to the NVR as a group. You can find more information about Dream Liner here:


4. Hard Wire Cameras
If one or few cameras are out of wifi range, you can use standard CAT5e cables to hard wire cameras to router to make them work wired. The xmartO NVR comes with one Ethernet port only, if you want to hard wire cameras, you can hard wire them to router to make the cameras work wired.
Since cameras are paired to work wirelessly with NVR in default, if you want them to work wired, you need to delete cameras from NVR, and repair them to NVR to work wired. 
Contact xmartO at support@xmarto.com for help if you need to hard wire cameras.



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