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xmartO Wireless Camera System Video Detection Area Edit

The xmartO wireless camera system features video motion detection. We suggest you to use the app noticification because APP can push notifications in real time with screenshots and short videos.But email alerts need to be relayed to the email server. It is not so real-time. And it will only push a screenshot without videos.Frequent sending and receiving of this kind of push mail, your mailbox may be judged by some servers as spam email address.

Here is how:
1.Click right button on mouse --> go to System Setting  --> CH Setting  --> Video detection, you shall find the options.   
2. Select the channel you want to edit, select the APP Notification, then click Area edit. 

3. Entering the Area edit you should see page as below picture.Area with blue coverage is being sensed.All selected by default.

Click right button on mouse you can: Select all, clear all or Return.


 4. Click left button and drag to choose area you want the camera to detect. 

Tips: After selecting areas, you MUST click right button to Return – Apply the settings; or else it won’t be saved. The settings COULD TAKE SOME SECONDS TO TAKE EFFECT.

5. Test if settings are saved. After settings saved, waving hand at a distance may not trigger the notification. This is normal because the system’s algorithm is designed to avoid false alert. Waving hand near the camera’s lens, or walk into the detection area should trigger the notification; which means your area motion detection settings succeed. 

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