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How to pair an extra camera/ replacement camera to a XMARTO NVR? (for cameras with Ethernet port)

1.Plug the new camera to power. Use an ethernet cable to hardwire the camera to your NVR's LAN port.


2. On NVR screen, right click to enter NVR's main menu > Device Manage.

In below box, make sure you have at least one empty channel for new camera.

If you are replacing an old camera, delete that channel to spare the channel out for the new camera.

In upper box, click “Refresh” button to search the camera out. The camera will be listed out, typically with an initial IP address 192.168.1.xxx. Click to select the camera, then click in below box to select an empty channel, click "Match Code". The system will start to pair the camera to NVR's WiFi.

System is pairing the camera


 3. Within a minute or so, the camera will be successfully paired to channel and displays image. You can now unplug the camera and mount it to where you want.




If you have any question, please contact support@xmarto.com
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