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How to pair an extra camera/ replacement camera to a XMARTO NVR? (for cameras with Reset button)

Cameras with reset button can be paired to NVR wirelessly. No need to hard wire camera to NVR.  


Below are the steps:

1. On NVR screen, right click to enter main menu > Add by WiFi. The NVR will start to search for cameras. 


NVR searching cameras


2. Plug the camera to power, wait 5-10 seconds for it to start. Typically you shall hear a click in the camera when it's ready. 

   Hold the reset button for 10 seconds. The camera will enter configuration mode. It will be discovered and paired by NVR within a  minute or so.


NVR finds and pairing a camera.




When it's done, you will see the image displays in channel. Click right button to exit pairing. 

If it did not add the camera wiithin 2 minutes, probably the camera was not in config mode. Hold reset button for 10 seconds again to bring it to config mode; try add by WiFi again. 


For any question, please contact support@xmarto.com. Thank you!

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