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xmartO ES5084 5MP Super HD Security Camera System with 2-way Audio - 8CH NVR and 4 Camera PoE Kit

This xmartO ES5084 is an on-premise PoE home security camera system for houses, stores, offices and warehouses. Each camera connects to the NVR with a single Cat5/ Cat6 cable. The system works standalone regardless whether you have Internet service/ smartphone or not. Connecting the NVR to your router will enable you to access the cameras remotely on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PC and Mac, no matter where you are and when.

  • With 4 xmartO EB5034 5MP(2560*1920) PoE cameras, you can easily monitor 4 areas simultaneously.
  • With an 8CH NVR, if you find 4 cameras are not enough, you can add up to 4 extra cameras.
  • The H.265+ compression technology increases the efficiency tremendously. The video stream size is only half the size of H.264, easier to transmit and consumes only half the HDD storage.
  • As a starter kit, this security camera system does not come with a hard drive. You can add a SATA hard drive with capacity up to 6TB to keep videos of past 90+ days.
  • With enhanced 2-way audio in the cameras, you can hear and talk clearly when needed.
  • Power over Ethernet is the most convenient connection for wired cameras. Each camera connects to the NVR with a Ethernet cable.

1.A 60ft (18m) cable is included for each camera.
2.If 60ft is not enough for a certain camera, you can swap it with a standard Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable. The cable can be as long as 330ft (100m).
If a camera is to be mounted more than 330ft away, you can power the camera with a 12V DC power adapter from nearby outlet, while the Ethernet cable can be longer than 330ft.
xmartO provides a free HDMI cable, please see "Special offer" area above and add them all to cart, or contact customer support.

AUTO PAIR, Plug and Play

* The cameras automatically pair with the NVR. You only need to plug cameras to the NVR and the NVR to a monitor/ TV to get the system work

Tips: before mounting the cameras permanently, it is suggested to test the cameras at their mounting spots.

Easy Remote Access

* Free xmartO Apps are provided and updated for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.<
* No matter where you are and when, you can access the cameras easily with one tap.
* The cameras can be easily shared with families from the App.

Motion Detection Message

* When motion detected, the camera sends you a message with snapshot. Tap to view a video clip to get more details.
* Each camera lets you turn ON/ OFF the motion detection message.
* Each camera's detection area is customizable. This helps to avoid repeated messages caused by trees.
* In App, you have a daily message list to check daily events.

Enhanced 2-way Audio

With a high-gain microphone and powerful speaker built-in, the camera helps you to view & record videos with clear voice, and talk clearly with anyone in the area.

5MP Super HD, Customizable Motion Detection Area, Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

5 Million Pixels per Camera

The super HD cameras deliver breath-taking clear videos with voice.
* 2.37x the pixels of 1080p (Full HD)
* 5.33x the pixels of 720p (HD)
* Built-in high-gain microphone

Customizable Motion Detection Area

* The detection area of each camera is customizable.
* Helps to avoid an unecessary dection target such as a moving tree.
* Focus on key areas such as an entrance.

Works Indoor & Outdoor, Day & Night

* With proper size, the camera blends in well both indoor and outdoor.
* IP66 rated, the camera withstands outdoor enviroments.
* With professional IR LEDs Array and 80ft IR irradiation, the cameras see clearly even in pitch darkness.
Tips: the IR LEDs irradiate up to 80ft, yet 3.6mm-lens home security cameras focus on 10-15ft distance to gain wide FOV.

Care for Loved Ones, Never Overlook a Moment

The Cameras Work 24*7

Like old time CCTV camera systems, this new PoE IP camera system works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Unlike battery-powered cameras, these cameras do not sleep and don't have to be waken by motions.
Like battery-powered cameras, this camera system is time-saving because you only need to check daily messages to find out what happened. In the meanwhie, it keeps all 24*7 records for backup.

H.265+ ES5084 5MP PoE home security camera system with 2-way audio

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