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About us

xmartO is a variant of Smart O. Like the geometry circle, O stands for “perfect piece” of product in our mind. We believe there is no perfect product in the world; yet we can go infinitely close to perfect.

xmartO’s operations can be found in the United States, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The international operation enables xmartO to benefit from direct access to creative talent pool, suppliers and raw materials. We focus on our own vision about making DIY surveillance equipments and other smart lifestyle products that solve problems, ease daily lives and last as classic symbols.

xmartO is a pioneer in challenging and changing current situation of DIY security equipments. Based on long term research in Wi-Fi and video algorithm, in 2015 xmartO has successfully brought applicable long range WiFi HD IP surveillance system into market. In 2016 xmartO released free upgrade to all xmartO devices with the "xmartO Dream Liner WiFi Relay Booster" feature, which doubles/ triples the used known good WiFi range again. In the meanwhile, we are also investing in research of VR-into-Security, Physical Cloud Sotrage, Green Wire-free Energy Solution for Security, xmartO Hardware Eco-system etc.

xmartO strives to be the status-quo changer in DIY security and smart lifestyle products which bring people peace and ease of mind.