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xmartO DT3034 2K Super HD WiFi PTZ Camera - Add-on camera or Works Standalone

Camera with Auto Panoramic Cruise, Auto Preset Patrol and Auto Flood Lights

The xmartO DT3034 WiFi security camera is an affordable PTZ camera for home & business surveillance. It has almost all features that you can ever expect from a security camera.

Reminder: This camera's resolution is 2K/ 3MP. If you are adding this to your NVR, please make sure your NVR is version 3.0 or above. Otherwise please go for model WB1324N or WP1324.

* With a 2.3K (2304*1296) HD sensor, it has 50% more pixels even than 1080p, delivering crystal clear videos.
* With an enhanced microphone & a speaker inside, it lets you hear and talk clearly.
* With 355° pan and 90° tilt, plus the camera's own 70° view angle, the camera easily covers the whole area.
* Auto Tracking. The camera automatically tracks movements and record activities. (Reminder: need to upgrade camera to ver. 3.4.27 or later; contact xmartO support if help needed)
* Auto Panoramic Cruise is featured. Tap the A button while viewing, the camera auto scans the 360° area back and forth.
* Auto Preset Patrol. You can preset up to 8 key spots in the App. Apply command '13' to let the camera patrol the spots automatically.
* With 6 super strong IR LEDs, it sees clear even in pitch darkness.
* The 4 LED flood lights light up when motion detected at night; and camera delivers color night vision.
* If you leaves the siren on from App, it automatically lets out motion-triggered siren alarm, or a voice message recorded by you.
* It only takes minutes to setup this camera with the xmartO WallPixel App, or you may simply pair it to your xmartO NVR.
* No matter where you are and when, you can access the camera with a single tap on the App.

Auto Flood Lights & Color Night Vision

When motion detected at night, the camera automatically turn on the 4 LED flood lights. This lights up the area for you, and deters intruders away.
When the area is still, it automatically turns off the flood lights and turn on the 6 IR LEDs, delivers clear B&W night view.
The Light Control menu is easy to use in the App & NVR. By switching among IR, Flood Light and AUTO modes, you can choose to use IR LEDs only, flood lights only or let the camera decide.

Auto Tracking, Cruise & Auto Patrol

Tap the A button in the App, the camera will automatically pans to scan the area.
Turn on Motion detection tracking, the camera will track movement and record.
You can set up to 8 preset spots in the App. Obviously you reach any of the 8 spots with a single tap. Moreover, type and apply number 13, it will start to patrol the preset spots.
The auto features help you to keep visual of the whole area; and a moving camera does deter unwanted visitors.

Motion-triggered Flood Lights & Siren

In AUTO light mode, flood lights turns on at night when motion detected; turns off when the area back to still.
If you find a bit more warning is needed, you can turn on the motion-triggered siren. In the App you can change the siren to a voice message.
If you find the flood lights or siren a bit disturbing, well, you can disable them from the App, no matter where you are.

Enhanced 2-Way Audio

A high-gain microphone and an enhanced speaker is built-in, enabling you to hear and talk clearly.

360° Full Coverage

With 355° pan & 90° flip, you can navigate the camera from the App/ NVR to cover every corner.

IP66 Weatherproof

IP66 rated, the camera can be mounted anywhere indoor and outdoor.

2K Super HD Image

A 2K super HD image sensor & lens delivers you crystal clear footages.

Real Time Motion-activated App Messages

Motion-activated Message List

When motion detected, you receive a real-time App alerts with snapshots. A tap to view the video clip.
Even you are not aware of that, you can retrieve a day in the message list.

Customizable Motion Sensing Area

You might have moving plants out there. The motion sensing area edit helps you to filter them out.
Maybe you can set a cordon right on your fence. When someone cross the line, you will receive an App alert. Or, if you want some actions, your flood lights and siren will be on, if you let them.

3 Ways Using the Camera

This camera is truly a multi-tasker.
With a single camera you can cover your front door area or backyard area.
With 2 or many of them, you can group them to a multi-view in the App. Yes, that means you can view your porch, your back yard and even your lakeside cabin simultaneously. It does not matter where they are, as long as they have power and Internet access.
If you are an existed xmartO security camera system user, this camera does work with your WNQ24 & WNQ28 NVRs.

Care for Loved Ones, Never Overlook a Moment

The Cameras Work 24*7

Like most CCTV cameras, this new WiFi IP camera works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Being so versatile and a 24*365 work horse, it does need to be plugged to power from nearby. Yet it connects to your WiFi router/ NVR through WiFi.
Unlike battery-powered cameras, these cameras do not sleep and don't have to be waken by motions.
Like battery-powered cameras, this camera is time-saving because you only need to check daily messages to find out what happened. In the meanwhile, it keeps all 24*7 records for backup.
You can plug a micro SD card up to 128G to record to camera, you can pair it to an NVR to record to hard drive; and you can record to Cloud storage soon.

2K Auto Tracking Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Auto Flood Lights, Two-Way Audio

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