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Good news

Update Q3 of 2017: The xmartO WiFi camera system now has audio support. Each camera lets you add microphone without extra power cable needed; the NVR outputs voice through HDMI & 3.5mm audio port. Of course, you can hear from App as well.

Does my camera support audio?

xmartO cameras with the audio jack support audio. Your camera may not have audio jack depending on when and where it was shipped. We suggest to upgrade certain cameras to latest model if you want them to have audio.

How to add microphone

1. Purchase xmartO add-on microphone MIC-2

2.Add xmartO add-on microphone to the camera. Secure the microphone from rain or snow.

3. Go to NVR's main menu - CH setting - Encode setting, change Encode Mode to "AV Stream" and save. You are almost done.

What to expect if you did it right

A: If you are connecting your NVR to a TV with HDMI port, use the mouse to select or enlarge a channel, you should hear voice from TV speaker immediately.

B: If your screen monitor has no speaker, use a headphone or a speaker with the 3.5mm audio port.

C:On the App, tap the speaker icon on right above corner to enable audio.