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What if I cannot get any display on TV from the NVR system?

This is caused by resolution compatibility issue.
The default output resolution of the NVR is 1280*1024, which may not be compatible with some screens.

Here is how to solve it:

1. Connect the NVR to any other screen via VGA; (or you may also try any other screen via HDMI to see if you can enter the menu)
2. When you are able to see the menu, click right button on mouse, go to System Setup – General Setup – Screen Setup – VGA resolution; change it to 1080p@60; apply to save it.
3. Connect it back your primary screen via HDMI. You should have it worked with the screen.

Can I upgrade the NVR and Camera antennas to get stronger WiFi?

Yes, both the cameras' and NVR's antennas can be upgraded to get better WiFi signal.

1. If you have the 4 channel xmartO wireless system and only 1or 2 of the cameras are not connected (have weak signals), you may only need to upgrade the cameras’ antennas. The biggest issue for the cameras is not distance, but obstacles, typically walls, especially metal walls. You can use extendable wired antennas to bring antennasinside walls; while leaving cameras outside walls.
Both below antennas would do the job for cameras:

2. If you have the 8 channel xmartO wireless system and more than 3 of them are not connected, we suggest you go for upgrading the NVR antennas first, if they are enough, then you don’t need spend more for the camera antennas.
The 2 antennas come with the NVR is 5dB, you may upgrade them to 9db with

This should give all the cameras better WiFi signals since the NVR is playing as a hub.
But, if this is still not enough and you still have few cameras out of the WiFi range, you can consider about upgrading antennas for the few unconnected cameras by using extendable wired antennas to bring antennas inside walls, while leaving cameras outside walls.
Both below antennas would do the job for cams,

With the combination of above antenna upgrade, you should be able to have all cameras connected.

My xmartO camera system cannot go ONLINE

Following the user guide, plug a network cable to the WAN port on back of NVR, within 1 minute, you shall see NVR status changes to ONLINE and the NVR is ready to be viewed from anywhere anytime.

What if my system refuses to go ONLINE?

Basic troubleshooting

1.Check if your network cable is connected to the right port.

Cable should connect to the WAN port. If NVR is getting signal, there should be flash light. If not, please check the connection and cable.
2.If point 1 is right and NVR is OFFLINE, then it should be DHCP issue.

Enable DHCP on your NVR.
Click right button of mouse, go to System Setup - Network Setup - check (√) the DHCP, apply and save it. Wait for 1 minute to see if the status on bottom right corner changes to ONLINE.

3.If step 2 does not solve the issue, probably your router disabled DHCP or block new devices from connecting.

What DHCP does is: when router find new device connected, DHCP allocate new IP to the device and connect it to the Internet.

An easiest way to know if your router enables DHCP

When you connect a new device to your WiFi for Internet service (or a visitor/ friend wanted WiFi connection), does it require WiFi password only? If only password required, then your router has DHCP enabled; if that requires not only password but also some settings, then your router is secured from connecting new devices. Please ask people who secured the WiFi (who set password) to enable the NVR to connect.

These 3 steps should enable 95% users to get NVR ONLINE. Even if the status shows OFFLINE after all this, we suggest you to use APP and access the device ID to see if it works.

Note: Always wait for 1 minute after any change.

Advanced troubleshooting

If the basic steps above does not solve the issue. Follow below steps to do further troubleshooting.
1.Make sure the cable you connect to NVR has Internet access.  Please use a laptop or any PC has RJ45 port
  • Disable the wireless connection of laptop.
  • Unplug the network cable from NVR and plug it into the PC, see if the PC can access the Internet via the cable.
  • If it does, then the cable is good; if it does not, change a cable.
  • If cable is good yet no Internet connection, please ask help from your network administrator to give the cable Internet access.
2.Enable DHCP of your router
Please login your router page via a browser. Find DHCP settings, ENABLE DHCP.

For more details about enabling DHCP please refer to,

What if even DHCP does not work; or I cannot/ don’t want to use DHCP?

Well, we can allocate IP manually for the NVR and connect it to Internet.
1.Know your router gateway.
This is the IP that goes to the menu of your router.

This will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and will be listed in the documentation.

Here are some common IP addresses for various routers:
* Linksys, 3Com, Asus, Dell, US Robotics:
* Qwest (AKA CenturyLink), DLink, Netgear, Trendnet, Senao:
* Belkin, Microsoft, and SMC:
* Apple:

If you have misplaced your documentation, and you do not see your router listed here, search on Google for your router name and "default IP address" to find the correct information.

Another way to locate your router's IP address: on a PC, open the command prompt (click on Start > Run/Search for cmd) and enter ipconfig. Look for the Default Gateway line, and try that number.

On a Macintosh, open the Network control panel (System Preferences..., Network) and look for Router: This is your router's IP address.


2.Go to NVR’s System Setup Network Setup

a)Uncheck the DHCP.
b)Set the IP address to a number that follows your router gateway: for example, if your router gateway is, the IP address should be 192.168.1.ANY NUMBER 2-254. If your router gateway is, the IP address should be 192.168.0.ANY NUMBER 2-254.
c)Set both the Gateway and Preferred DNS to your gateway.

Apply and save the settings. Wait for 1 minute to see if NVR’s status changes to ONLINE.

Contact if this does not solve the problem.

How do I know if my system come with a hard drive? What hard drive the WOS WiFi security systems use?
There are 2 ways to confirm if HDD is included:

1. See the model number of item.
Items with HDD should have tail like -500GB, -1TB, 2TB.
For instance, WOS1344 means 1.3MP 4CH kit with 4 cameras; WOS1344-1TB means the same kit with 1TB HDD.

2. See Packing Includes.
In the detailed listing/ advertising page of each item, there should be Packing Includes information. If HDD included, we/ dealers will mention about it in the Packing Includes.

Compatiable Hard Drives
The xmartO wireless NVR systems work with almost all 3.5" SATA HDD.

Do you have a guide page or video to show me how to view from iPhone/ Android devices? Why don’t you use QR Code scan like many other CCTV kits?

The system has user guide included and PDF version can be downloaded from

It’s very simple to view remotely on phones. Download App, input the device ID (can be found on right below corner on screen) and you are good to view them.

What’s the WiFi distance of xmartO WOS series wireless kits?

Betweem each camera to the NVR:
In open space we tested 350m (1150ft) working distance;
With normal obstacles like 1-2 walls, we tested 100m (330ft) working distance.

For distance we only have theoretical values.

No certain distance can be guaranteed due to different environments applied in.

It varies depending on obstacles and signal interference.

In open area without signal interference, the distance might be even further than 350m; on the contrast, if there are many blocks and signal interference between, the distance could be closer.

One fact is, 350m away in open space, your iPhone/ Android devices should not be able to find your home WiFi hotspot. So the xmartO kits are having pretty good & applicable WiFi distance.

How xmartO wireless security systems differ from other wireless video systems?

The most noticeable difference is other wireless systems’ NVRs do not have antennas; the xmartO systems do.

Other wireless security system
Technically, those systems without NVR antennas rely on user’s existed home router WiFi. All the cameras and NVR need to join to user’s home WiFi as separate devices; then they recognized each other due to same video protocol. This kind of software connection has weakness:
a) not easy using. Means if you have an 8 camera kit, you will actually need to connect 9 devices to your home WiFi one by one;
b) this definitely will eat up your home WiFi bandwidth especially when cameras are HD. As a result, you may not be able to use your other Internet-connected devices ex. TVs, Pads, Phones smoothly because the band-width is occupied.
c) You may experience cameras black out frequently due to failed WiFi connection.

xmartO wireless security system
The O wireless camera system’s NVR has antennas and built-in standalone WiFi router.
All cameras connect to the NVR's WiFi instead of your home WiFi. It avoids all flaws mentioned above about other wireless systems.
In the meanwhile, xmartO kits are real Plug N Play; real IP HD (not analog HD); use good 1/3" sensor instead of 1/4"; quad-view even on phone; cameras are solid made at proper size, not tiny ones...more info. can be found on page of each model.

The xmartO wireless security systems include a network cable. Does that mean you need to cable the cameras to router one by one and unplug them after set up WiFi?
No, the connection is pure wireless and automatic. You will only need power each camera and NVR up to view the multiple cameras.
Do I have to have a router, Internet service or is there any sort of monthly fee to use xmartO wireless kit?

1. There is no monthly fee required.

2. You don’t have to have a router to make the system work. The NVR has a built-in WiFi router enabling automatic connection to the cameras.

3. Internet service is not mandatory. Without router & Internet service, you are able to use the system completely. You can monitor on screen, record to hard drive (not included for some models) and playback, backup video etc.

Yet if you connect the system to Internet, you will be able to view remotely from phones and PC.

How do I add a new camera to my xmartO WOS wireless NVR kit?

In case you want to add more camera to your xmartO wireless NVR system (your system need to be extendable), or you lose the connection of a camera on your system, you can follow below steps to add the camera/ back to your system.

1. Take the new camera close to the NVR;

2. Connect the camera to power via power supply;

3. Use a network cable to connect the camera to any of NVR's LAN port;

4. Right click mouse in your system, enter MAIN MENU - IPC Add

5. The above box shows info. of your cameras, the below box shows channel info. of your NVR

6. Find out your new camera on the above box, select it; if you don't see your new camera, click Refresh. Normally a new camera show Mode "UNKNOWN"
7. Select an unoccupied channel of your NVR from below box, and click Match Code.

It will take seconds for the camera and NVR to get connected.
After it's successfully connected, you shoud see Status switch to "Connect Success" on the channel.
Then you can unplug and move the camera to anywhere you want. When it gets power, it will automatically reconnect. (camera need to be in the wifi range)

Tip 1: Make sure your camera is powered and connected to the NVR. You can cover the light lens with your hand to see if LEDs light up. If they do, it means your camera is getting power.

Tip 2: If you want to change camera of a certain channel, select and delete channel in the NVR channel list (the below box), match code the right camera to the channel you want.

xmartO Wireless Kit Quick User Guide

Appliable to WOS1344, WOS1342, WOS1388, WOS13422


xmartO Wireless Kit User Manual

Appliable to WOS1344, WOS1342, WOS1388, WOS13422


xmartO Wallpixel CMS PC Client Software

Appliable to WOS1344, WOS1342, WOS1388, WOS13422


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