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1080p Wireless Seccurity Camera System

Full HD, yet Wireless

xmartO 1080p Full HD series

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xmarto 1080p HD wireless security camera system

1080p Full HD, yet Wireless

1080p Full HD means amazing details even on big screen TVs; it also means very big video streams. To make the WiFi camera system work flawlessly carrying such big streams is challenging. With advanced video algorithm and compression, we made it work: 1080p HD videos go wireless, 4 channels simutanesouly.

Reliable Long Range WiFi Connection

This Professional system have good WiFi range just like the Standard and Advanced editions. xmartO Dream Liner WiFi relay technology is available now. It enables you to use cameras in middle as repeaters; which doubles/ triples the WiFi distance.

Get Dream Liner Tech up to


Line of Sight up to


With obstacles up to


AUTO-PAIR is True Plug N Play

The xmartO AUTO-PAIR technology is highly commented by users. As soon as you power the xmartO devices on, they start to work and stream. It's that simple.

Professional Built-in Router in NVR

The xmartO NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a recorder with built in router. It receives and records all cameras with its own bandwidth, consuming 0 bit from your home router. Internet connection is only needed when you want to view from elsewhere.

  • Two WiFi Antennas
  • NVR Built-in Router
  • Long Range WiFi Distance

Easy Remote View

To view the cameras on mobile is super easy for xmartO camera systems. Download xmartO WallPixel App, scan or input device ID and password; and you are ready to go.

xmarto WallPixel

Works 24 Hours 365 Days

Powered with constant power from nearby outlets, the cameras work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Isn' t this what you expect from a surveillance system?

How this benefits you?

How this benefits you?

The hardest part could be finding power outlets nearby for the cameras.
Yet it's definitely 10 times easier than running 4/ 8 80ft cables from 4/ 8 directions to the NVR/ DVR; which most likely will be placed in your living room, together with the TV & router. It is also way easier & saving than purchasing new batteries, climbing up and change batteries every week.
Most importantly, you don't have dead cameras for dead batteries, especially while you are thousands miles away from home.

Save Months, Not Past 7 Days

The NVR supports up to 6TB hard dive, which saves past 30-60 days of 4 cameras. Setting some cameras to motion recording may even double that time.

Build up Your Personal Physical Cloud Storage

Like many Cloud storages, xmartO App allows you to view recorded videos on mobile wherever you are. Only it saves videos on your hard disk; and you never pay monthly fee.

IP66 Weatheproof

Place the cameras outdoors without a second thought. Wet or dry, hot or cold, it is designed to withstand severe weather conditions (14°F to 122°F).

IR Night Vision

Cameras equipped with three advanced LED arrays that let you see clearly in the dark, up to 100ft away.

Dream Liner Technology

Dream Liner Technology is available for obtain now. Simply upgrade your NVR & cameras to latest firmware versions, you will have the cutting edge WiFi relay solution. With xmartO Dream Liner Technology, you can use cameras themselves as WiFi repeaters to extend the camera mounting distance greatly.